Meet the Parents: Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Have Welcomed Their First Child, Leodis Andrellton Jackson [Photos]

Congratulations are in order for Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson.

Keke took to Instagram to post a picture of the proud parents speaking about the last 48 hours of their lives.

1. Only 48hrs of being parents!

2. Darius always made me playlists when we first started dating, “Someone” by El Debarge was a favorite. We became each other’s someone and made a someone, look at God!

3. The baby love Rolling Ray, cause purrr.

4. “I’m not hiding the world from my son, I’m hiding my son from the world.” Hahaha

5. I’m just playing, my baby face is on this slide.

6. And this slide

Born during Black History Month, with a name to match!

LEODIS ANDRELLTON JACKSON, welcome to the world baby Leo.

We are happy mother and child are fine.

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