Meek Mill And Wack 100 Taunt Each Other After Diss Over 6ix9ine Confrontation [Photo + Video]

Meek Mill and Wack 100 are trading shots all because Wack 100 had thoughts on how Meek should’ve handled a recent altercation with 6ix9ine.

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Meek Mill and Wack 100 are embroiled in a long social media spat following the former’s heated confrontation with 6ix9ine. The “Amen” spitter was clearly offended by the music executive’s comment on his run-in with the Brooklyn native and quickly clapped back on Instagram.

“You a old n***a that be fighting online lol I still wanna test you from that nip s**t I know you not really built…..,” he initially posted. “you be tryna manipulate n***as to ride for you …. Lol you posted me 3 times on Valentine’s Day you a old n***a jealous of us young successful n***as.”

Challenging Wack to a face-to-face meeting, Meek added, “DM YA NUMBER AND WE CAN MEET WHEN YOU GOT TIME you a p***y you don’t push ya tool lol you a internet n***a fasure …. I’m not one of these industry n***as that’s fake scared of you I’m from Philly lol you better go group some n***as up for me or something because you not really built like you talk ….”

He went on taunting, “Why would I not pull up who tf are you …. you not a killer and you be on the net all day lol why wouldn’t I n***a lol you P***y in our book n***a you just a hot n***a that talk on the net lol you just got hit up stfu and go get back active.”

Seeing Meek’s comments, Wack wasn’t going to remain silent. He seemingly accused the Philly rapper of being a police informant. “YOUR POLICE RECORDING FROM 3 YRS AGO STATES ME REMOVING MY WIFE FROM THE BUS,” he challenged Meek. “IM SURE FROM POLICE TRAINING TAUGHT YOU TO RECORD THE WHOLE CONVERSATION. SO PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE RELEASE THE WHOLE RECORDING.”

Later, after Wack posted a birthday tribute to Birdman, Meek accused the Los Angeles-based producer of “sucking bird man d**k too for opportunity” while neglecting his own wife on Valentine’s Day. Wack denied this, writing back, “We both know your a fraud my n***a YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED TURNING DOWN WHEN YOU GOT PULLED UP ON BY THE [rat emoji]. DONT WORRY BOUT MY RELATIONSHIP WORRY ABOUT ALL THE FEMALES THAT LEFT YOU ON THE SIDELINE… I BEEN WITH MINE 30 yrs IG POST DON’T DEFINE US – GO FIND YOU A WOMAN TO POST.”

He continued, “And for the record I don’t need opportunity from @birdman Dummy he gave me that years ago STUPID CASH MONEY WEST you dam fool,” before hitting back, “You suck JayZ (Jay-Z) d**k and he ain’t NEVER gave you opportunity he just collecting a bag off you. Now wish my n***a STUNNA a Happy Birthday B***H N***A.”

Wack previously called out Meek for dodging a physical fight with 6ix9ine when they ran into each other on Saturday night, February 13. Posting a picture of a rat and a mic while declaring, “Rats up one,” he wrote in the caption, “@safaree was chased down right #SelectivePoliticing -I keep it real.”

He added, “If any man I gotta issue with approached me in a threatening way you will be attacked. Your team against mine if that’s the set up. Either way it’s suppose to be smoke. #RattsUp1 – Fact YOU GOT PULLED UP ON — DONT GRAB THE CAMERA BALL YA FIST UP OR GRAB THE PEACE MAKER.”

6ix9ine himself has not interjected Wack and Meek’s social media beef.

The exchange between the hip-hop manager and the Dream Chasers Records CEO was an intense one and it definitely goes deeper than 6ix9ine. Hopefully these brothers can relax before things get taken too far.

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