Meek Mill Says He’s Taking a Break From Social Media [Photos]

Content on Meek Mill’s social media feeds has prompted the rapper to take a brief hiatus. On Thursday (Nov. 11), the Philadelphia star took to Twitter to announce that he was stepping away from social platform.

via: Rap-Up

In his last tweet before logging off, he explained that social media has him feeling “lost” and sympathized with young people who are feeling the same way.

“Being a young kid gotta be confusing as shit in these times of social media….. I be lost seeing some of this stuff,” he added.

This is not the first time Meek has taken a social media hiatus. Back in July, he deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts as part of a cleanse, which also included abstinence.

“No socials … no smoking … sex idk lol for a lil min,” he said at the time.

Meek, who dropped his latest album Expensive Pain in October, recently revealed that he’s planning to retire from rap within the next few years.

“I got like three, four more years left,” he told Complex’s “360 with Speedy Morman.” “I’ve been rapping since I was 23. I can’t be performing forever. I probably got two, three more years. I think these the last years I’m going hard with music and I’m gonna go pursue like other stuff too.”

While Meek plans to take a brief social media hiatus, JAY-Z prefers to stay away from those platforms for extended periods of time, hopping on every now and then to share messages with his fans. Offset, on the other hand, admitted that he has an addiction to Instagram.

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