MC Hammer Loses Appeal, Owes the IRS $800,000


MC Hammer left the courtroom with an $800,000 IRS bill for the SECOND time after an appeals court shot down his claim.

via Bossip:

The feds sued Hammer, aka Stanley Burrell in 2012, claiming the “You Can’t Touch This” rapper never paid them back taxes for the years 1996 and 1997. The court sided with the feds and awarded them a judgment against Hammer in the amount of $798,033.48.

Hammer then appealed of the judgment, claiming it was unfair he had to pay the amount plus penalties when he ALREADY paid it as part of his bankruptcy.

Then the feds fired back, claiming Hammer doesn’t seem to understand his tax debt situation. The IRS explained that they filed a claim in his bankruptcy for unpaid taxes for the years 1993, 1994 and 1995 totaling $1,517,450.92. They said Hammer’s tax debt for 1996 and 1997 totaling $800,000 was NOT wiped clean and he still owed them. They wanted the appeals court to confirm the lower courts judgment of $798,033.48 against him.

If he owes the debt, he needs to pay the debt. End of story.

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