Mathew Knowles Clarifies He Didn't Accuse Jagged Edge Members of Sexual Harassment, Just 'Unwelcome and Inappropriate' Harassment

It looks like Jagged Edge really did engage their legal team.

Just days after video was released in which Mathew Knowles accused Jagged Edge members of harassing Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland when they were teens in Desitny’s Child, Mathew is attempting to clarify his remarks.

via Page Six:

“I feel the need to clarify that I did not say the girls were sexually harassed while on tour with Jagged Edge in the 2000s. I said ‘harassed,’?” Knowles told Page Six exclusively. “The term ‘sexual harassment’ may imply to some to mean physical advances. I would classify the harassment they encountered more as unwelcome and inappropriate remarks to minors from adults who should have known better.”

Last week, Knowles, who managed Destiny’s Child at the time, told VladTV the girls would call him claiming they were “constantly being harassed” on tour. “Now remember, the girls are minors. They’re 16 years old … The guys are 21 and 22 years old. I have a fiduciary duty with minors. By the law, there’s a certain way I have to manage that,” he said.

Jagged Edge denied the allegations by sharing a meme on Instagram that read: “A lie don’t care who tell it.”

He may not have used the exact term “sexual harassment,” but it definitely sounds like he’s describing sexual harassment to us.

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