Masika Kalysha Defends Yung Berg for Allegedly Abusing Her: 'My focus is him being better'


Last week, news broke that Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood‘s Yung Berg was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and co-star Masika.

Since then, his initial charge for “obstruction of breathing” was dropped — but he’s still facing three assault and one harassment charge. Yung Berg has also been fired from the show.

Masika has yet to speak out about what went down, but for the first time she opens up to S2S magazine and actually DEFENDED Berg.

Check out what she had to say:

On whether she’s spoken Berg following the incident:
“My focus right now is him being better. The focus should not be on us being a couple right now. It’s best that we don’t communicate as we were.”

Defending Yung Berg’s ‘alleged’ assault:
“It was not an abuse situation. He did not attack me; he did not knock me out. He did not beat me up, none of that happened. He was very drunk. It was to the point where he didn’t really know his bearings. He needs to be focused on getting these charges dropped and getting the drinking under control.”

On the media reports after the incident:
“The stories were just erroneous…I feel like the only abuse issue that he has is alcohol abuse. I do feel like he has a drinking issue and that’s the issue at this time. It was not an abusive situation.”

On her relationship with Mally Mall:
“Everything Mally was doing was to try to convince me that he wanted to get married to get on the show,”

On the validity of her relationship with Yung Berg:
“This has been my friend for almost four years. He was literally the first person I met when I moved to L.A.. This is not a television relationship. Hazel’s relationship was fake. That was fake.”

On Hazel E. saying her being assaulted was “karma”
“It’s just ridiculous. It just shows the level of class these women do not have. There are some really, sick twisted individuals…nasty, evil people who really have no home training.”

We’ve seen situations like this play out way too many times. We wish them both the best.



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