Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Festive Holiday Decorations on 'Today Show' [Photos + Video]


Mariah Carey invited Today show host Tamron Hall into her New York home to show off her decorated ‘Pink Room’ in preparation for the holidays.

Dressed in a matching pink satin neglige and robe, Mimi conducted the interview in the festive Pink Room, which was beautifully decorated with two Christmas trees complete with live pink peonies.

“Nobody’s ever really in here,” said Mimi. “It’s really for things [like] archived photographs … personal items in here that are special to me. The kids don’t even know this room exists yet.”

MC talked of her holiday plans and showed off photos from Dem Babies’ first Christmas and a childhood photo of her with Santa Claus.

She also spoke briefly about her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which has been consistently topping the holiday chart for 20 years.

“It was an idea from the label; ‘Do a Christmas album,’” said Mariah. “I wanted to make the most festive song that would always make people happy.”

You’ll see a lot of Mimi this season as she’s promoting with NBCUniversal as part of “12 Days of Christmas.”

She is set to make appearances on “Access Hollywood,” “Extra,” Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation” on MSNBC.

Check out the clip below !


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