Man Punches Husband After Wife Slaps Him at Steelers Game [Video]

The NFL may have a growing problem on its hands.

via: New York Post

One week after a bloody brawl among fans at a Rams-Chargers game in Los Angeles, video of another fight at the Lions-Steelers game went viral Saturday night.

A woman was shown arguing with a man in front of her at Heinz Field, before slapping him in the face to spark a wild fight in which she and another man were struck.

During the argument, the woman can be heard yelling “Get the f—k out,” and apparently makes contact with the man. He replies, “Don’t touch me,” and pushes her hand away, prompting the slap.

A man seated next to the woman intervenes, and both are punched by the man who’d been slapped in the ensuing fisticuffs. Other fans eventually broke up the fight, which lasted nearly 30 seconds.

People need to keep their hands to themselves before someone gets seriously injured. There are 2 more preseason games on Sunday. We’ll see if fans are on their best or worst behavior in those games.

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