Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Punching United Airlines Employee and Knocking Him to Ground

A new video going around the internet shows a  fight at Newark Airport between a man who appears to be a passenger and an employee at the United Airlines check-in station of the airport.

via Complex:

The clip has been shared in numerous timeframes, some edited to show a different person slapping first, but the largest-size video we could find shows some initial slaps and punches from the man in a hoodie, directed at the man in the vest, as well as an initial slap from the employee in a vest, before things get bad.

After the employee slaps the apparent passenger in the face, this leads to a couple finishing punches from the man in the hoodie, which send the man in the vest falling backward on some boxes. As he gets up, he tries to continue the fight with a bloody face.

Despite throwing slaps of his own, the man in the vest appears to not have been arrested following the incident. PIX 11 reports that the man in the vest, who works for a subsidiary company affiliated with the airline, was not taken into custody, while the man in the hoodie was taken into custody, per a United spokesperson. His charges remain unclear.

“United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or onboard our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter,” a United Airlines spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Even The Game shared the clip on his Instagram page, alongside a couple appropriate emojis. While it’s unclear why this all went down in the first place, the video is still continuing to make its rounds online.

Watch the video below. We would love to know what started this whole thing.

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