Malik Yoba Storms Off Set After Being Questioned Over Allegations of Soliciting Sex From a Minor [Video]

Malik Yoba has been accused of soliciting sex from a minor and took to Instagram to give a bizarre spoken-word freestyle denying the claims — but apparently he doesn’t want anyone to ask him about it.

In a new interview with The Root, Malik was asked straight-up about the allegations made by trans rights activist Mariah Lopez Ebony and walked off the set.

via The Root:

The Root went on to ask Yoba about allegations from trans sex workers who claimed that he solicited sex from them. Yoba replied that he didn’t know what the reporter was talking about. When asked how he reacts to criticisms that he does not actually care for trans people and that he fetishizes trans women, Yoba became demonstrably upset.

Yoba walked away from his chair, threw his microphone to the floor, yelled “fuck you” to this reporter and the production team and demanded that he be given the SD video cards that recorded the interview, which The Root’s producers refused to do.

Witnesses to Yoba’s profanity-laced meltdown were two video producers for The Root, two people representing Yoba, his 18-year-old daughter, and The Root’s senior video producer. Yoba’s publicists and The Root’s video producers tried to calm him down, but Yoba continued cursing until he finally left the studio.

You can watch the full interview — including Malik’s walk-off — here.

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