Maino Chokes YouTuber After Prank Goes Wrong [Video]

In a viral clip, Brooklyn rapper Maino can be seen putting YouTuber Buba100x in a chokehold following a tense interaction during an interview.

via: Rap-Up

YouTuber Buba100x learned the hard way when he interviewed Maino backstage during Daniel’s Leather fashion show earlier this month. At one point during their confrontation, Buba100x asks the Brooklyn rapper if he could borrow his chain.

“You wanna borrow my chain?” Maino responds, growing visibly irritated.

Maino placed his hand on Buba100x’s shoulder. “See, now you’re just chattin’. See, I gave you the time,” he warns him.

But Buba100x didn’t seem to get the message and decided to make things worse.

“On a scale 1-10, how badly do you think I could like beat your ass?” he asked. But before he could finish, Maino had his hands around the YouTuber’s neck.

Another video, filmed by a bystander, appears to show that Maino was genuinely bothered and was not in on the prank. “I just told you, it’s not just for the video. Don’t play with me,” he tells Buba100x while holding him in a chokehold.

Despite the footage and Buba100x’s reaction, Maino insisted it was all an act. During his appearance on Angela Yee’s “Yee Tea” podcast, he was asked about the viral video.

“It was all part of the prank. It was fake,” claimed Maino. “I wanted to make it look real.”

Angela Yee didn’t seem to buy it. “I think it was a prank, but it was not involving Maino in advance,” she said before telling Maino, “It doesn’t seem like you.”

Maino responded, “Sometimes we change, baby.”

Buba100x, who has over half-a-million YouTube subscribers, is known for his wild pranks. He once snatched Toosie’s chain and told French Montana that his music was trash.

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