Magic Johnson Addresses Fake Story Circulating About Donating Blood [Photos + Video] |

Magic Johnson Addresses Fake Story Circulating About Donating Blood [Photos + Video]

NBA legend Magic Johnson, who has HIV, confirmed a recent story suggesting he donated blood to COVID-19 patients is “false.”

via: Complex

The presumably brainless among us who insist on widely amplifying fabricated claims in hopes of achieving virality have now forced Magic Johnson to speak out about a made-up story that’s been making the rounds as of late.

A recent tweet shared alongside a photo of Johnson carried with it the claim that he had donated blood “to help underprivileged communities help fight COVID-19,” which is false. To be clear, the Twitter page credited with the tweet states in its bio section that it is a satire account.

In a message shared Tuesday, Magic addressed the discussion surrounding the tweet in question.

“I’m aware of the false story circling the internet, and to be clear, I have never donated blood,” Johnson, who in 1991 announced he had HIV, said.

A fact-checking piece from the Associated Press adds even more context, revealing that the photo used alongside the tweeted lie actually shows Johnson having his blood drawn during a doctor’s appointment. The image originates from a 2012 documentary.

Last November, Johnson and his wife, Cookie, reflected on his 1991 diagnosis announcement in an interview with Gayle King, as well as the decades of philanthropy it inspired. Through his Magic Johnson Foundation, founded in 1991, the revered athlete and activist has continued to rise awareness about treatment and prevention methods.

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