Mag Swag: Zendaya Stuns in 'Harper's Bazaar' [Photos]


Zendaya’s a treat to watch on any red carpet, but now the 18-year-old is flaunting her daring style in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

For the mag’s “My Life in Three Looks” feature, Zendaya breaks down three looks she’d wear out to brunch, to dinner with friends, and of course the red carpet.

Her brunch outfit example (above) consists of a Christina Siriano top and skirt, Stuart Weizman shoes, and a popping Kate Spade bag.

She says.

“This shows my feminine side. It’s a sweet two-piece set and it’s just very feminine, very flowy—one of those looks that you can add edge to it with your hair and makeup, change it up. So you can either go super classic or you can go dark almost.”

Check out a few highlights from her interview:

How do you think fashion impacts your public persona and how people see you?
I like to think of myself as a strong influence for young people, and I think a big thing about being young is finding out who you are, experimenting, not being afraid to try things, and not being afraid to really embrace who you are and what makes you happy. And I think fashion is a big part of that. You don’t have to care about what people think or let people determine your happiness. Do whatever the heck you want.

Describe your style in three words…
I would say, my style is pretty fearless, definitely unique but still classic.

Do you have any style icons?
Honestly, just people who like to do their own thing. For example, Erykah Badu. People who don’t really follow the rules that are set in fashion and wear whatever the heck they want because that’s their style or that’s what they create for themselves. It’s a very admirable quality.

You change up your hair a lot—from pixie to flowing and wavy. What’s the thought process behind that?
I really don’t have any fear especially when it comes to like my style. Someone could literally tell me “Put on a trash bag and wear some Louboutins” and I would do it, and I would feel comfortable in it—as long as I had the right hair, the right makeup, I would do it.

Do you have a trademark accessory?
I like to wear a lot of rings—they’re fun to layer up.

How do you approach daily life style versus when you’re at an event?
I’m working all the time, so my everyday life is actually pretty dull. Right now I’m wearing a sweatshirt, denim and Nike Flyknits—just normal, casual, comfortable. Fashion when I’m on the red carpet gives me an outlet to have fun—to wear things that I wouldn’t wear on an everyday basis.

You can read the full interview here, as well as get the scoop behind her other two style examples.


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