Madonna's Daughter Estere, 11, Wows The Audience at Her Mother's Celebration Tour in London [Video] |

Madonna’s Daughter Estere, 11, Wows The Audience at Her Mother’s Celebration Tour in London [Video]

Madonna is finally ready to celebrate and she’s bringing her family along.

via: Daily Mail

The iconic singer’s much-anticipated tour kicked off on Saturday night at the venue, which is the first of 78 shows across 15 countries.

As a surprise for her fans during the show, Madonna was joined on stage by her children Lourdes, 27, Chifundo ‘Mercy’ James, 17, and Estere, 11.

Mercy played the haunting instrumental to her mom’s iconic hit Bad Girl on a grand piano, while Lourdes strutted her stuff and showed off her dance moves.

However it was Estere who caught the attention of fans, as videos of the youngster voguing to her mother’s iconic hit circulated online.

@felipelopv THIS PART! ??? Madonna’s daughter Estere joined her on stage and slayed on the Voguing dance. SO CUTE! #thecelebrationtour #madonna #london #openingnight #ballroom ? original sound – Felipe

Estere appeared every inch the born performer as she followed in her mother’s footsteps with an incredible display on stage.

Estere, who wore a yellow outfit and black boots, was a total natural as she copied Madonna’s memorable moves.

The track was inspired by dancers and choreographers Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza and Luis Xtravaganza from the Harlem House Ball community. They introduced voguing to her at the Sound Factory Club in New York.

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