Mac Miller's Family Is Furious Over An 'Unauthorized' Biography About Rapper's Life [Photo]

Journalist Paul Cantor has a biography in the works called Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life Of Mac Miller with a release date of January 17, but Cantor’s book is drawning the ire of Miller’s estate.

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The ‘Self Care’ rapper’s mother, Karen Meyers, took to Instagram to blast the book, and convince fans not to purchase the upcoming biography.

In her statement, Miller’s mother says they made it clear they were “uncomfortable” with the book and politely insisted the author stop the process. Meyers claims the author went ahead and finished the book, which she says has no “legitimate primary sources.”

“It has come to the attention of the family and friends of Mac Miller that a new book called Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life Of Mac Miller by Paul Cantor has recently been made available for pre-order. This book is not authorized or endorsed by Malcolm’s family and has been written by a writer with whom Malcolm did not have a relationship,” Meyers said.

She continued, “Furthermore, the writer had no meaningful access to those that were closest to Malcolm — friends, family, and collaborators, etc. In fact, the writer of this book was made aware at the outset of the process of writing this book that the family and friends of Malcolm were uncomfortable with him authoring this biography, yet he chose to proceed against our polite insistence that he not do a disservice to Malcolm’s legacy through writing a book without legitimate primary sources.”

She continued, “While we can’t definitively speak to the intention, we cannot help but feel the timing of it being made available for pre-order is meant to capitalize on the interest in Donna-Claire Chesman’s recently-announced The Book Of Mac with the expectation that people will confuse this book for Donna’s which does have the support of the estate and includes extensive interviews with people whom Malcolm held dear.”

Miller’s mother claims the author is preparing to release the book around the time of the rapper’s birthday and saying it is “incredibly disappointing.”

“What we can say definitively, however, is that Most Dope: The Extraordinary Life Of Mac Miller’s planned release date of January 18th, the day before Malcolm’s birthday, is not accidental,” she wrote.

“We have been consistently disappointed by the author and publisher’s decision to pursue this book given their full understanding of our discomfort with the circumstances under which it was authored, but utilizing Malcolm’s birthdate as a marketing tool is exploitative and incredibly disappointing,” she added.

The bottom line, the rapper’s family is asking that no one purchase the book if they are in support of his legacy. “With that in mind, we urge those that wish to support Malcolm and his legacy to abstain from purchasing this new book,” the statement concluded.

This is not the first time Mac’s mother has mentioned the unauthorized book, back in 2019, she asked anyone who is approached about this project, to not work with the biographer.

So far, the author has not commented.

The Mac Miller estate has an official project, ‘The Book Of Mac: Remembering Mac Miller’ releasing this October.

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