Lorde and Diplo Got Into a Twitter Beef Over Taylor Swift


What do Taylor Swift and producer/musician Diplo have in common?

Well, Taylor Swift dated John Mayer. Katy Perry also dated John Mayer. Katy Perry is now dating Diplo. Taylor Swift has made it known (see: album ‘1989’ track “Bad Blood”) she does NOT like Katy Perry.

This leads us to Twitter — where last night Taylor’s new BFF Lorde fired back at Diplo after he made a joke about Taylor’s lack of booty.

Diplo tweeted:

Someone on the Internet (it could have been Diplo himself) decided to make a crowd-funding account to “Get Taylor Swift a Booty.” Diplo tweeted it.

That’s when Lorde jumped in and completely shut it down.

Lorde 1, Diplo -5


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