Looks Like Those Dating Rumors May Be True: Ciara Will Reportedly Accompany Russell Wilson at White House Correspondents' Dinner


Looks like those dating rumors may be true.

After Russell Wilson and a woman who appears to be pop sensation Ciara were spotted sitting together at the Mariners-Rangers game this past Sunday, social media exploded with rumors that the two were the latest celebrity couple.

Well, now it looks like Ciara will accompany Russell at this Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Per The Washington Post:

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara, the singer whose “body is your party,” are a thing. At least according to AOL.

On Wednesday, the online media conglomerate released its partial guest list for Saturday’s White House Correspondents dinner and it includes the Superbowl winner “and his date Ciara.” Record scratch. Not Wilson (return key, new line, bullet point) and pop songstress Ciara Princess Harris, but Wilson and “his date” Ciara.


Neither party has confirmed or denied their coupledom, but thanks to AOL, it’s out there. Ciara is Russell Wilson’s “date” to the White House Correspondents Dinner and the streets will be watching. This is the same woman whose recent single “I Bet” is a Taylor Swiftian sendup of her ex-fiance, the rapper Future, with whom she has an 11-month-old son: “I bet you start loving me. As soon as I start loving someone else. Somebody better than you.”

If Russell and Ciara are indeed a couple, what an upgrade for Ciara.

We guess we’ll wait until Saturday night for confirmation photos.

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