Lizzo on Getting 'So Drunk' with Adele at the Grammys from Wine and Tequila 'Flasks' |

Lizzo on Getting ‘So Drunk’ with Adele at the Grammys from Wine and Tequila ‘Flasks’

Lizzo and Adele were both feeling “Good as Hell” — and drunk — at the Grammys Awards.

via People:

During a Friday appearance on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, theSpecial songstress reflected on her eventful night at the award ceremony — which was in great spirits thanks to the company of the British star and a little bit of booze.

Reflecting on the moment she won record of the year for “About Damn Time,” she revealed she was in total shock.

“I was so drunk. Me and Adele were drinking so much that we didn’t even really know what the categories were at this point,” Lizzo, 34, said.

She added, “We were like, ‘Wait. Did they do best new artist?’ We didn’t even know when it was time and they would just call out names so we were like, ‘Smile, smile.'”

“When they called my name I was in total shock because I didn’t expect to win at all,” she concluded.

Elsewhere in the interview, the star said that she packed a flask of tequila for herself and one with white wine for the “Hello” singer, 34.

“I brought it for Adele and then I drank hers,” she said.

The stars were the life of the party at the award show as they cheered the winners on.

In a TikTok video, Lizzo captured the moment her good friend Harry Styleswon album of the year. She cheered him on as he walked on stage and at one point, she panned the camera to Adele who hilariously said, “What you filming me for?”

When Lizzo received her Grammy, she burst on stage and began her speech by saying, “Let me tell you something. Me and Adele are having a good time just enjoying ourselves, rooting for our friends. This is an amazing night, this is so unexpected.”

Adele also won a Grammy that night for best pop solo performance for “Easy on Me.”

We love that they had a great time. That’s what these shows should be about these days.

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