Lizzo Describes 'Cancel Culture' as 'Appropriation,' Says Term Has 'Become Trendy' and 'Misdirected' [Photos]

Cancel culture has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years, and at the same time, cultural appropriation has been one for even longer.

via: People

In a tweet shared on Sunday, the “About Damn Time” singer-songwriter spoke about the widely-used term and how it’s developed within public consciousness since its origin.

“This may be a random time to say this but it’s on my heart.. cancel culture is appropriation,” wrote Lizzo, 34.

“There was real outrage from truly marginalized people and now it’s become trendy, misused and misdirected,” continued the Grammy winner’s post. “I hope we can phase out of this & focus our outrage on real problems.”

Underneath the tweet, many fans agreed with Lizzo’s take on the matter. “Cancel culture is being used and twisted and co-opted by people who just want to bully,” wrote one Twitter user. “Most people in 2023 know that bullying is wrong, but they know they can get away with it if they dress it up as moral outrage. It’s RAMPANT in fan culture and completely disingenuous.”

Another person replied to the “Truth Hurts” performer, wondering if “cancel culture” truly even exists. “The term is mostly brought up/misused by those who are afraid of facing accountability. The other side of it is still, as you say, marginalized groups trying to hold oppressors accountable,” they wrote. “Using a catchphrase to attain that goal is the least of our worries.”

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