LisaRaye McCoy Says She'd Be Down for an 'Entanglement' with Will Smith

LisaRaye McCoy has some thoughts on Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and her entanglement with August Alsina.

On Garcelle Beauvais’ podcast ‘Going to Bed,’ Lisa Raye admitted she’s attracted to Will.

“We can have an entanglement,” she said of Will.

“I’m saying a Will Smith type, you know, like he’s so charming. He’s rich, a poetic [sic], he’s a philanthropist. He’s a humanitarian, a great dad.”

This isn’t the first time LisaRaye has spoken on August and Jada’s…entanglement. Back in July, she said:

 “I think and I feel that he was a baby. Now I’m all for if you want to date somebody younger, go for it. But because of his circumstance and why in which he came to her, wounded and hurt, and in her lap – how in the hell did he get from off her lap, and then you got onto the d**k? I don’t understand.”

“Y’all brought him in like family and started vacationing with him, so you were trying to mentor him so you didn’t f**k him up even more right here [head],” she added, before agreeing that the right term to define Jada and August’s past relationship was “entanglement.”

You know, that could get a little messy considering Lisa’s history with Duane Martin. Listen to the episode below.

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