Lisa Rinna Claps Back at Kathy Hilton & Denise Richards: 'The Truth Will Come Out' |

Lisa Rinna Claps Back at Kathy Hilton & Denise Richards: ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

Lisa Rinna isn’t backing down from Kathy Hilton or Denise Richards.

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star took to her Instagram Stories on Friday to clap back at them both, after being called a ‘bully’ and ‘cruel.’

via Page Six:

Rinna, 59, first took aim at Hilton, 63, who had previously said she would not return to “RHOBH” if the former model, as well as Erika Jayne, remained in the cast, calling them “bullies.”

“I’m a firm believer that the truth will come out,” she quoted from an unknown post in a now-deleted Story. “You might as well save yourself the energy and be honest from the start.”

She then followed it up with her own thoughts, writing in a separate Story, “I don’t play either. Call me as many names as you want. The truth is still the truth.”

The former soap opera actress proceeded to share several tweets that slammed the socialite and supported her instead.

“They need to lay off they’re [sic] bullies narrative. Kathy is a bully to Kyle [Richards] if we really wanna go there,” one fan tweeted.

A second one read, “Kathy Hilton is really taking this show too seriously, two bullies? Ma’am you’re 65! How can u be bullied?”

“Dorit [Kemsley] fought w [sic] both Lisa & Erika and wasn’t afraid to do so even on her 1st SE. Garcelle [Beauvais]’s argued w both of them, so has Sutton [Stracke] & even Kyle. So who exactly is ‘too scared’ of them as ‘bullies’? Crystal [Kung Minkoff]? Kathy herself? Bc the others clearly understand what they’re being paid for,” a third tweet read.

Lastly, she shared a fourth tweet that said, “Nobody gets more upset than a narcissist being accused of exactly what they did.”

This past season, Rinna compared Hilton to “the devil” after a meltdown in Aspen, which she described as a “psychotic break.”

According to Rinna who was the only one to witness the alleged breakdown, Hilton made disparaging remarks about Kyle, including, “I have big deals over at NBC, everyone is protecting me and I will f–king ruin Kyle.” 

Hilton also allegedly called Kung Minkoff and Stracke, 51, “pieces of s–t” who should be “f–king fired” from the Bravo reality show. 

Addressing Denise — a longtime friend with whom she fell out — Rinna shared a clip of the two of them on the show, writing, “She clearly needs attention, let’s give it to her.”

Rinna also shared an Instagram DM she had received from a fan that read, “Your story just reminded me … Why are you the bad guy in the Denise stuff? She was f–king lying!! Even Tamra [Judge] from the OC said Denise tried to hook up with her!! She backed Brandi [Glanville] up. Soo WTF […] I don’t see you responsible for any of that s–t.”

Following the second part of the “RHOBH” season reunion, Denise commented via Instagram, “I watched #RHOBH last night. While I have empathy for Lisa Rinna losing her mom. What is her excuse all the other years on the show for being so cruel & so vindictive?”

The “Wild Things” actress and Rinna fell out after the latter pressed her over an alleged affair with Glanville on Season 10 of “RHOBH.” The Rinna Beauty founder claims she has since apologized.

Rinna’s commentary comes after Bravo boss Andy Cohen blasted her for having “no impulse control” when it comes to social media.

This feud isn’t ending anytime soon. Do you think Lisa will be back next season? We do.

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