Lisa Marie Presley Friends Shocked by Secret Weight-Loss Surgery That Led to Her Death

Lisa Marie Presley’s cause of death came as a shock to many of her friends.

via: Radar Online

The information came to light last week when an autopsy report revealed Lisa Marie’s cause of death as complications of a small bowel obstruction, six months after she passed at age 54 in January 2023. The obstruction was said to have been the result of adhesions that developed after she had bariatric surgery.

Bariatrics referred to the division of medicine that focused on obesity and related health concerns. Typically, patients who underwent bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, are either unable to lose weight through diet and exercise and/or were at risk of serious health complications due to excess weight.

Due to this, Lisa Marie’s friends were stunned by the news of her secret procedure and struggled to understand why she even needed it.

One of Lisa Marie’s friends was baffled by the thought of her going under the knife because they claimed she had never been at an at-risk weight.

“When did you ever see Lisa look as if she needed bariatric surgery?” the close pal told Page Six as they appeared to suggest the work was done by an untrustworthy physician.

“She was not big at all,” the friend continued. “I don’t know what kind of doctor would perform this surgery on her.”

Adding to the shock of Lisa Marie’s death was the secrecy surrounding her procedure. Friends said they were aware of Lisa Marie’s minor cosmetic procedures like Botox and injectables, but were clueless about the major surgery.

It didn’t help that in the years leading up to her death, Lisa Marie led a reclusive life. When her son, Benjamin, took his own life in July 2020, she retreated further away from life in the public eye.

Lisa Marie’s last red carpet appearance came two days before her death when she attended the Golden Globes in support of Baz Luhrmann’s film about her late father, Elvis.

“She wanted to look her very best,” the friend said of Lisa Marie, which was echoed by another pal fellow ex-Scientologist Jeffrey Augustine.

“She went on a crash diet to lose 40 pounds before showing up with Baz for the Elvis movie,” Augustine said, noting Lisa Marie’s financial problems as an additional reason for attending.

“The fact that she allegedly died from bariatric surgery really caught me by surprise,” Augustine added.

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