Lil Wayne Sued For Assault and Battery Over Alleged Gun Threat |

Lil Wayne Sued For Assault and Battery Over Alleged Gun Threat

Lil Wayne is being dragged to court a former bodyguard who is suing the rapper after telling cops Wayne allegedly brandished a gun and punched him in the ear.

via: Radar Online

In the lawsuit obtained by, Carlos Christian claimed he suffered “severe emotional distress” and PTSD after the alleged incident that he said took place at the musician’s Los Angeles home on December 1, 2021.

According to Christian, Lil Wayne “acted with malice” and “intended to cause Plaintiff injury or, alternately, despicable conduct the Defendant carried on with a willful and conscious disregard of Plaintiff’s rights and safety; this conduct includes punching Plaintiff in the head while waving a semiautomatic handgun.”

He claimed the rapper “pointed” the semiautomatic rifle at him “as a threat to touch Plaintiff (i.e. with bullets) in a harmful or offensive manner.”

Christian said Lil Wayne had a “prior history of firearm-related crimes,” therefore, “it reasonably appeared to Plaintiff that Defendant was about to carry out the threat.”

He claimed Lil Wayne “engaged in outrageous conduct, specifically, erratically threatening, assaulting, and battering Plaintiff while holding a semiautomatic rifle.”

In the lawsuit, Christian alleged he suffered “physical and emotional injury,” as well as “incurring medical bills,” loss of immediate wages, and having his “earning capacity reduced.”

He said the alleged incident required him to seek mental health treatment for PTSD, which he said stemmed directly from the rapper’s actions.

“Defendant either intended to cause Plaintiff emotional distress or acted with reckless disregard of the probability that Plaintiff would suffer emotional distress, knowing that Plaintiff was present — in fact, specifically targeting Plaintiff with his conduct,” the documents read.

Christian is suing for unspecified damages.

The timeframe of the alleged incident is interesting. In December 2021, Lil Wayne was accused of pulling an assault rifle on a member of his security team.

The bodyguard’s name was not released at the time. Law enforcement sources told TMZ the rapper allegedly pulled out an AR-15 at his mansion after he accused the security member of taking photos and leaking them to the media.

Someone close to Lil Wayne denied the incident happened. Police sources said the bodyguard did not have marks on his body or visible injuries from the alleged confrontation.

It was also reported the security guard did not plan on pressing charges against Wayne but later changed his tune. It’s unclear if the latest lawsuit is connected to that alleged incident.

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