Lil Uzi Vert Gets JT's Name Tatted on His Hand [Photos]

Lil Uzi Vert is seemingly loving life dating JT, so much so he got a tattoo of her.

via: Hot 97

A picture of Lil Uzi’s new ink surfaced on the internet, and it looks like he locked down his love for his girlfriend JT. In the picture you can see a huge tattoo on the back part of his hand. The tatt reads “JT” in black ink. Social media had mixed reactions to the tatt, one fan called him a “simp.” The tweet read, “Uzi is a simp he really tattoo jt on his hand.”

Take a look at the tattoo below.

Uzi and JT recently graced the cover of “Homme Plus Magazine.” JT reacted to the cover on Twitter. She writes, “my best friend, your confidence & free spirit is so sexy! I love youuuuuu.”

They like it, I love it.

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