Lil Scrappy Accuses Ex-Wife Bambi of Disparaging Him to Their Kids, Claims She Told Them ‘They Will Have a New Daddy’ |

Lil Scrappy Accuses Ex-Wife Bambi of Disparaging Him to Their Kids, Claims She Told Them ‘They Will Have a New Daddy’

It’s no secret that things between Lil Scrappy and his ex Bambi have gotten messy in the past, but it looks like even their divorce hasn’t slowed the drama down.

via: Radar Online

Lil Scrappy accused his ex-wife Bambi of contempt of court months before she dragged him to court over claims he violated their divorce settlement.

As we first reported, Bambi filed legal documents accusing Scrappy of allowing his intimate partner to post photos of their children on social media. She said their divorce settlement had a provision that stated this was not allowed.

In addition, she asked the court to increase the current $4,800 per month Scrappy pays in child support. Scrappy has yet to respond to the new case.

Bambi filed for divorce from Scrappy in November 2022. She listed the date of marriage as September 8, 2017, and the date of separation as November 29, 2022. She accused him of having “committed the act of adultery” in court papers.

She asked the court to award her primary custody of their three kids: a daughter named Xylo (born in 2020), a son named Breland (born in 2018), and a daughter named Cali (born in 2021).

Bambi requested Scrappy pay child and spousal support. Scrappy agreed that the marriage was over but didn’t agree with Bambi’s other requests.

Scrappy argued for joint custody and no spousal support — but was on board with child support. He denied he committed adultery and accused Bambi of having created a “hostile” home environment.

The parties agreed to joint legal custody with Bambi having primary custody and Scrappy having visitation in June 2023. learned that before Bambi filed her case accusing Scrappy of contempt — Scrappy filed his own suit in October 2023.

In his petition, he accused Bambi of contempt for engaging in a series of “willful acts of contempt.”

He claimed their divorce agreement said they were to live separately and not bother the other. He said Bambi has “visited” his home without notice to disrupt his parenting time and “creating confusion and disruption in the presence of the minor children.”

“[Bambi] continues to violate the [Scrappy’s] right to enjoy his residence free from interference. [Bambi] has engaged in willful acts of harassment by visiting the [Scrappy’s] home without his consent in direct violation of the Court Order,” his motion read.

In addition, he accused her of deciding to homeschool their son and refusing to provide him with the curriculum. He asked that the child support be lowered due to the child no longer in private school.

Scrappy claimed Bambi violated the deal by disparaging him to their children. He claimed she told the children “they have will have a new daddy” to take care of them.”

“[Bambi’s] words are not only disgusting; yet not made in the best interests of the children,” the motion read.

Further, Scrappy claimed she violated the deal by writing and publishing a children’s book, “based upon the parties’ divorce proceedings and featuring the likeness and images of the parties’ three minor children entitled Mommy I Want to Go Home. Once again [Bambi] made a decision to discuss the specifics of the parties’ divorce in spite of the existing Confidentiality Order and referenced the minor children without consulting with the Petitioner. This conduct is a willful act of contempt.”Top of Form

Bambi denied all allegations of wrongdoing. The court denied Scrappy’s request in January 2024. Months later, Bambi dragged Scrappy to court over contempt.

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