Lil Nas X Respond to Pastor Troy's Homophobic Grammys Remarks

You may remember a rapper named Pastor Troy — you may not.

Pastor Troy decided to comment on Lil Nas X’s Grammys outfit with a super hateful message full of ignorance and homophobia.

He shared a photo of the Grammy-winning Lil Nas X on Wednesday and said that he, himself,  “won’t be winning a Grammy” if “this what I gotta wear.”

We hate to break it to Pastor Troy, but he could wear the pinkest, most flamboyant ensemble …. and he still wouldn’t win a Grammy … but we digress.

After that, he shared some random experience he had with his son at Applebee’s in which he had to — wait for it — watch gay people eat.

In a video shared to his IG hours later, Troy doubled down by using a homophobic slur. “It worked,” he said. “It worked perfectly ‘cos now all these f*ggots on my page and they wanna fight me.”

Lil Nas X responded to Pastor Troy’s remarks and chose to focus on what mattered — how fire his outfit was.

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