Lil Nas X Fires Back at 50 Cent's Weird Fascination with His Halloween Costume: 'Why U in Barb Business'

Lil Nas X has come full circle.

For Halloween 2020, the Lil Nas X decided to pay homage to Nicki Minaj as well as his origins as the head of a Nicki Minaj stan account by dressing up as his favorite female MC.

No sooner than photos of his costume began to circulate, 50 Cent decided to share them with this audience along with a shady caption.

“What the fuck, Nikki come get him !!! Lol,” 50 wrote.

50 also took Lil Nas’ images over to Instagram where he used them to take a shot at former friend and G-Unit member Young Buck.

Lil Nas X swiftly reminded 50 that his costume has nothing to do with him.

“Why u in barb business,” Lil Nas X said in a now-deleted quote tweet.

Is anyone starting to wonder why 50 Cent always finds himself in gays’ business?

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