Lil Duval Clarifies After Being Trolled For Asking About Chloe Bailey's Age On Twitter [Photos + Video]

Comedian Lil Duval tweeted on Sunday, March 21, asking how old is Chloe Bailey, one half of the sister R&B duo Chloe X Halle. “How old is that Chloe girl again?” he wrote. After fans started scratching their heads, Duval said he’s asking for his nephew.

via: AceShowbiz

Some people were not comfortable with the question considering the age gap between him and the 22-year-old singer. “the fact that you called her a girl instead of a woman means you know she’s too young for you,” one user noted.

“Bruh… here’s a little advice. If you think she’s old enough for you then refer to her as a woman. If you view her as a girl then inquiring about her probably is not in her or your best interest, because it makes your intentions look suspect,” another fan wrote in a reply to him. “If he tweets this to the public imagine what he does in private,” someone else said.

Noticing how people misinterpreted his tweet, Duval was quick to offer explanation. “I’m asking for my nephew,” so he clarified before adding multiple laughing-and-crying emojis.

Still, that didn’t stop people from trolling Duval. “There is a height requirement too,” one person wrote, mocking his height as people claimed that Duval is 5’2″. “What nephew ? If he look like you & the same size she’s definitely not interested,” another person said. Another comment read, “Uncle Duval please sign out! Power down your devices and get some rest.”

Others, meanwhile, didn’t buy Duval’s words. “He knows damn well he ain’t asking for his nephew,” one user said. Calling him a “predator,” one person commented, “Predator eyes . Yea she’s of age but wayyyyyy younger than you old man.” A user reminded him that Chloe is “about 21 years younger than you.”

Chloe, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.

One things about Lil Duval, he can take the jokes.

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