Lil Durk Surprises Viral Homeless Fan [Photo + Video]

Lil Durk’s music may be riddled with its fair share of tough talk, but the Chicago rap star has also shown his kinder side over the years — and that was on full display this week when he came to the aid of a homeless fan.

via: HotNewHipHop

In a series of Instagram Live clips collated by No Jumper, Lil Durk tracked down the viral unhoused fan to share his thanks for the man’s love and support despite his circumstances. Along with the visit, Lil Durk offered to get the man a hotel room for 30 days. Furthermore, the rapper reportedly bought him a new phone and a number of gift cards. However, beyond being a sweet gesture by a big-name music artist, Lil Durk’s actions could go a long way to helping normalize and bring attention to America’s growing homelessness problem.

According to the National Coalition To End Homelessness, 582,462 people in the United States experienced homelessness in 2022. Furthermore, 40% of those people were defined as being unsheltered. Rates of homelessness have increased year-on-year since 2016. The number of unhoused individuals in the United States increasing by nearly 40,000 during that time. Therefore, while Lil Durk visiting one viral unhoused person is a fantastic gesture, it’s sadly not enough. America is suffering from an overlooked and often-ignored epidemic that costs people their lives. Furthermore, the common response is to demonize America’s unhoused populations as opposed to helping them. However, maybe change starts with a massively popular and influential recording artist doing something selfless.

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