Lil Durk Speaks on the Ways He’s ‘Bigger Than’ Drake Right Now [Video]

Lil Durk is on top of the world at the moment. His rap career has elevated to new heights and with his new album 7220 finally out, the Chicago native is looking to aim even higher.

via: Complex

During a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Chicago rapper was reminded of a previous statement he made in which he declared he wanted to be “bigger than Drake.”

When asked to share his thoughts on where he feels he’s at right now, Durk responded: “Shit, to us, in this mothafucka, we bigger than him, you know what I’m sayin?”

“To my people,” Durkio continued. “We touch people. Drake’s at a rate where he can stay in the fucking house if he want to. But nah, shout out to him. He touched the youth. That’s one thing about him. He touched us and got us hotter than what the fuck we was but a lot of people can’t say that. Like a lot of these mothafuckas don’t even know him but a lot of people he talk to don’t me know. Like, that’s just what it is.”

He added, “And I’m in this mothafucka, middle of the trenches with a million dollars doing a fuckin’ interview, that’s why.”

On Friday, Lil Durk dropped his seventh studio album, 7220. The LP is Durk’s first full-length offering since he linked with Lil Baby for last year’s The Voice of the Heroes collaborative project, while serving as the official follow-up to his 2020 album The Voice.

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