Lil Baby Tells Chrisean Rock To Keep Him Out Of Her Blueface Drama [Photos] |

Lil Baby Tells Chrisean Rock To Keep Him Out Of Her Blueface Drama [Photos]

Lil Baby’s done playing a supporting role in the ongoing Blueface and Chrisean Rock reality series drama, and he’s telling people … don’t @ him or dap him with any of their updates.

via: HotNewHipHop

As usual, it’s been a busy and drama-filled time for Blueface and Chrisean Rock recently. Earlier today Blueface was sentenced to a 24-month suspended sentence spawning from a shooting that happened outside of a strip club. He won’t have to spend any actual time in prison unless he gets in trouble again. In the meantime, he isn’t allowed to be around any guns. Both he and Rock have been vocal on their thoughts on the trial and its developments in the days leading up to the verdict and after it.

Earlier on in their drama, however, Lil Baby and Blueface had a brief but memorable beef. The short-lived drama mostly spawned from indirect shots taken by the two both on Twitter and through music videos. But as time goes on Baby has been less and less willing to cosign Chrisean’s behavior. The beef was formally ended when Baby praised Blueface for his improved treatment of Chrisean and claimed that he didn’t want any more oops. Now, in the wake of Blueface’s verdict, Chrisean tried to bring Baby back into things and it didn’t go well.

The whole sequence began when Chrisean tweeted “lil baby a real one” in response to another Blueface tweet and Baby unloaded on her. In a series of tweets, he elaborated on his lack of any stake in the pair’s fight and shut down rumors about what he may have said to Chrisean during a viral interaction at a party.

He ended one of his tweets saying “Please stop attaching my name to that.” Baby made it overwhelmingly clear he doesn’t want a role to play in Chrisean and Blueface’s ever-evolving beef. Blueface was quick to respond to Baby’s tweets laughing at how he switched up on her so quickly.

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