Lil Baby Strikes Gold at Vegas Casino, Splits $1M Win with Friends [Photos]

If you’ve watched Untrapped, then you already know about Lil Baby’s reputation before he got into the rap game. He was a hustler and a prominent gambler, who swept up any dice game he was involved in. In fact, his sister even vouched that he collected six-figures in earnings before his rap career took off.

via: Revolt

The Atlanta rapper cashed in during a recent visit to Las Vegas and left $1 million richer than when he arrived. In true Lil Baby fashion, he blessed the team with some of the earnings. “N**ga really just hit 4 a milli,” wrote his longtime friend BlockBoy JB in a post to social media accompanied by a video of the rapper going to work at the casino table.

After hitting it big in the city that is home to some of the most legendary casinos in the world, Lil Baby was spotted carrying large stacks of cash. Soon it was rumored that he laced friends surrounding him at the table with $10,000 each. The “Drip Too Hard” emcee confirmed the win via social media. “They know I won $ but what they don’t know is I ain’t out here balling, I’m investing,” he expressed.

The victory comes on the heels of his recent documentary, Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, which hit Amazon’s Prime Video streaming platform on Friday (Aug. 26). The project originally debuted during the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival earlier this summer. In the film, fans hear firsthand accounts of the 27-year-old’s metaphoric rise to fame.

Previously, Lil Baby shared a story about how he managed to flip a $60 loan from his sisters and mother into $100,000 thanks to his sharp wits as a hustler. “Majority came from a dice game,” he explained. “Probably put $60 on $2k then I ain’t lose for a week straight.” It looks like those same tactics continue to pay off for the “Sum 2 Prove” lyricist as that his recent Vegas win stems from yet another dice game.

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