'LHH' Star Tokyo Vanity Confront Popeye's Employee For Poor Customer Service [Video]

Anyone who has watched ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ knows Tokyo is no stranger to speaking her mind. Recently Tokyo took to IG Live to claim she had a horrible customer service experience at Popeye’s.

via: AceShowbiz

The reality TV star and rapper went on Instagram Live to record herself going off on an employee after she allegedly received poor customer service from the said person.

During her livestream session, Tokyo could be seen screaming at the male employee from afar as her car drove away from the fast food chain. “B***h, you gon fry chicken the rest of your life! Broke bum b***h, for the rest of your life, b***h! Until you do right by me, you will be frying chicken for the rest of your life, b***h. I banish you to sell chicken the rest of your life, f**k a** n***a,” she said. “B***h got on a face mask, can’t even breathe, and gotta fry chicken. F**k you, b***h! Ah!”

Later on, Tokyo explained that everything was going well until she and her friend asked for their food to be placed in different bags. While a female employee had no issues with it, it was not the case with the male employee who got upset and scolded them off for it.

Despite her choice of words, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star made it clear that she does not bear any hatred towards other fast food workers. “And you know what, to anybody in here who work for any fast food place, I do not have no problem with y’all,” she explained, adding that she used to work in a fast food chain back in high school.

Tokyo went on saying, “But it’s all about common courtesy. You know what I’m saying? So it ain’t against y’all. All my friends got jobs. You know, it ain’t no beef with y’all. Cause b***h, I know how y’all love to take s**t and run with it.”

Come on Tokyo we are still in a pandemic, cut the people some slack.

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