Let It Go: Kanye’s Manager Says They’re Waiting to See What Drake Says About Their Feud on His New Album

Is Kanye West ongoing feud with Drake really over? Well, that depends on what Drake has to say on his upcoming album.

via Complex:

Kanye’s manager, Bu Thiam, told TMZ recently that everything between the two rappers, at least for the moment, has been cool. “Listen, it’s two creatives taking jabs at each other but it did get rectified,” Thiam said. “We’ll see. [Drake’s] album comes out, I think in a couple days, Friday, so depending on what he says on his album. We’ll see.”

Drizzy seemingly already fired off a round on Trippie Red’s Trip at Knight album cut, “Betrayal.” “All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know / Forty-five, forty-four (Burned out), let it go / ‘Ye ain’t changin’ shit for me, it’s set in stone,” he rapped on the track.

The lyrics didn’t land well with Yeezy’s camp, with Consequence stepping up to address the diss, tweeting, “Fuck a Betrayal. It’s the Disrespect for me dawg.” Kanye hit Drake back by posting, and later deleting, Drake’s address to Instagram.

Elsewhere, Thiam discussed a potential Donda tour. “It’s gonna be a tour but not in the traditional form. It’s not gonna be like how you guys see a tour—it’s going to be in [Kanye’s] eyes, in his lenses. It’s going to be something special coming.”

Ye’s manager also touched on Chris Brown and Soulja Boy calling out the rapper publicly for perceived slights. Breezy called Kanye “a whole hoe” on Instagram, while Draco challenged Kanye to a boxing match. Thiam said that the rapper squashed any misunderstandings with Brown, calling the singer “family.”

You already know Drake is on the petty side — do you think he’ll throw a little Kanye shade on ‘Certified Lover Boy’?

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