Is That You? Leslie Jordan Shares Throwback Pic from the 1980s Showing Off His 6-Pack Abs |

Is That You? Leslie Jordan Shares Throwback Pic from the 1980s Showing Off His 6-Pack Abs

Earlier this week, 66-year-old Leslie Jordan shared a throwback picture of him showing off his impressive physique while leaning against a convertible car and wearing only grey sweatpants and a baseball cap.

via People:

“I just called 1980 and told it I wanted my 6-pack back — except in those days I was drinking and I’m afraid they’ll think I want beer,” he captioned the post on Instagram. 

“If they call u back text me,” actress Octavia Spencer quipped in the comments section. “There are things I want, too.” 

As he hinted in his Instagram caption, Jordan is sober and has been for over two decades. In January, he opened up to PEOPLE about his journey to sobriety and self-acceptance

“I felt it was a lot easier to be gay when I was loaded,” he said. “My problem was I was a bar drinker. I started getting DUIs. My gosh. And that one year [1997] I got three in a row. They sentenced me to 120 days.” 

“I thought, ‘They can’t put me in jail. I’m on TV.’ Bam,” he added, sharing that he ultimately served 12 days and at one point he shared his cell with Robert Downey, Jr., with whom he’d later guest-star on Ally McBeal. 

“I’m partially responsible for his success,” Jordan joked.

“My mother was so frightened for me,” he continued of the time. “We went through it as a family.”

These days, though, the Call Me Kat actor typically doesn’t stay out past 6 p.m.. “I don’t do parties,” he said, mostly because people always want him to perform.

“I love being by myself,” added Jordan, who said he’s content living alone. “I think that has a lot to do with my twin sisters. Growing up, they were so close, and then there was me. I played by myself a lot. I’m very much a loner. But today I am more comfortable with who I am than ever. Every day is like gravy.”

Work, Leslie!

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