LeBron James Didn’t Think Fan Should’ve Been Ejected [Photo + Video]

LeBron James is no stranger to getting heckled during basketball games. As we reported yesterday, in the early fourth quarter, referees stopped the game after some fans courtside were jawing with James and two of the women in that group apparently crossed a line and were ejected.

Afterwards, LeBron, who was laughing on the court during the ordeal, said he didn’t feel the fans should’ve been tossed out, noting that he missed and “needed” that interaction with fans.

The NBA is barely allowing fans in the building. The protocols for fans to attend are vast so to have someone seated courtside, standing up, maskless, to yell at players is, at the very least terrible optics and at worst could endanger those on the court. Frank Vogel noted that part when asked about the incident in his postgame remarks.

LeBron had some time to mull it over and decided to get a joke off from his Twitter account about how “MAD MAD” that he was able to make “Courtside Karen.”

All I know is NBA do not punish all fans because some entitled people sitting courtside decided to act a fool.

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