Laura Prepon Talks Returning for 'Orange Is The New Black' Season Three: 'I'm In Every Episode'


After spending all weekend binge-watching the entire second season of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, we can not wait for season 3!

Ahead of season 2, we were upset to hear that Laura Prepon, who plays bad (good?) girl ‘Alex Vause’ was only going to appear in a handful of episodes due to scheduling conflicts.

Since news of season 3’s confirmation hit, we’ve been holding out to see if ‘Alex’ would be back for good…and the answer is yes!

Laura appeared on The Today Show on Tuesday and assured us all that she’ll be back full-force for the show’s third season.

‘Netflix doesn’t do the standard contract of blocking you off for a few years, so I had a conflict come up,’ she explained.

‘It’s since been handled and we’ve started season three and I’m in every episode. I’m so bummed that I wasn’t in season two more. Sorry you guys! But season three, we’re already shooting and it’s going to be awesome.’

Have you love muffins finished OITNB season two yet? We’re not giving away any spoilers, but we absolutely loved it!

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