Latto Makes It Rain In The Studio Amid Magic City Stripper Beef [Video] |

Latto Makes It Rain In The Studio Amid Magic City Stripper Beef [Video]

Latto recently hosted a party at the Magic City Strip Club that ended in controversy.

via: HotNewHipHop

Latto made it rain in the studio for a group of lucky strippers on Instagram Live this weekend. However, many are taking the move as shade. Recently, a stripper accused Latto of taking money back after making it rain at the Magic City Strip Club. The club had been rebranded to Latto City to celebrate her new single. However, Latto and several others have alleged that Latto took the money back after discovering that her wallet had been stolen at the club.

The beef and subsequent shade have put a damper on the joyous release of “ISSA PARTY”. Waka Flocka pulled up to the iconic joint to party with Latto while she debuted the single. The new Latto bet interpolates Waka’s “Grove Street Party”, making it all the more fitting that he was there to help celebrate it.

However, a question that lingers for many fans is just who “ISSA PARTY” is aimed at. “Bitch I’m red, not green, little hoe stop playin’ with me/I hate borin’ bitches, they be throwin’ off my energy/Stop callin’ me sis little hoe, you know you ain’t no kin to me!” she raps on the track. Later she adds: “Bitches love to hate, say it’s fake, but I’m real thick/N-gga playin’ cray, loose screw, I call Drill quick!” has been taken as a shot at someone, but who?

For fans, Coi Leray appears to be the most likely target. The two stars have been feuding for a while now, primarily trading bars on their various releases. However, Leray is yet to drop a musical response to Latto shading her dad, Benzino, on “Peaches & Eggplants”. Furthermore, the new Latto shade comes a few days after she spoke on not playing nice in the music industry. “It is a competition at the end of the day. People want to be all, ‘I’m a girl’s girl,’ but then behind the scenes being bitches. Basically, we here, the girls, are doing amazing. I’m excited to see it. I feel like the competition is what keeps us all excited because I think we all secretly enjoy competing and seeing who put that shit on better and who’s gon’ get the most views.”

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