LaToya Ali Claims Her Ex-Husband Is Abusive and Actively Trying to Destroy Her Career, Says He Released ‘Colorist’ Video and Tricked Her Into Pregnancy [Video]

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ newbie LaToya Ali took to YouTube alongside her new boyfriend and detailed why she decided to divorce her ex after six years of marriage and three kids.

In the video, LaToya accuses ex-husband Adam of physical and emotional abuse.

She says things got rocky after she got pregnant with their first daughter but then things got worse while she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, Zayn.

“I was a party girl, I was always going out with friends, drinking every single weekend and I ended up pregnant with my son Zayn,” said LaToya.

His reaction was something that I never expected in my entire life. He said ‘You need to get rid of that baby! I hate you I don’t want to be with you, you know you’re not the woman that I know! I don’t even know why you’re keeping this baby, how dare you ruin my life like this!’”

“I feel like that was the start of the downward spiral. He was upset that I was pregnant because he felt like it was too soon and the child may have issues because I was drinking. It just got toxic from there.”

LaToya also said that Adam once discovered that she got physical with man on a cruise (read: cheated) and choked her in front of their kids.

“He grabbed my legs and pulled me, like drug me off the bed, he picked me up, shoved me against the wall and he started to choke me,” said LaToya. “And the kids ran into the room they started crying. They were saying ‘daddy take your hands off mommy! What are you doing?! You’re hurting mommy!’” I literally thought I was going to die that day.”

After the incident, LaToya says she called her Aunt instead of the police because “she would never call the cops on a Black man.”

They eventually got back together and had a third child, but she believes Adam tricked her into the pregnancy after getting her drunk.

 “I was trying to leave, he knows my weakness is alcohol,” said LaToya. “We got extremely drunk with our friends, I completely blacked out. I didn’t even know if we had intercourse or not.”

That sounds terrifying — but it gets worse.

LeToya claims Adam is still threatening her, stalking her, and trying to destroy her career.

“Adam is the one who made my story time video for me allegedly being a “colorist” PUBLIC after I put my story times on private,” LaToya wrote via Instagram. “He wants to sabotage and destroy everything I have worked hard for. He hacks my accounts, my phones, my icloud, and records private conversations to try to hold against me. I’m so happy that I’m free from this abuse.”

She also released text messages allegedly from Adam to back up her claims.

Adam took to his own Instagram story to deny LaToya’s allegations.

“This woman has always been messy and all I did was protect her,” he wrote. “She dabbles around the facts and truth. Takes no responsibility for her actions. Where is everyone? No one has survived her! I’ll tell the whole TRUTH today!

“You can buy a body, a house, your own Rollie too. But you CAN NEVER buy character or Aura. The soul knows!” he added.

Watch LaToya’s videos below:


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