LAPD Identifies Suspect in Nipsey Hussle Slaying as Someone Nipsey 'Knows' + Shooting Captured on Nearby Security Camera [Video]

According to new reports, police believe they know who gunned down Nipsey Hussle.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said LAPD homicide detectives told the Daily News have a suspect in their sights – and it’s someone Nipsey “knows.”

via NYDN:

The murder may ultimately be classified as “gang-related” because Hussle had a prior gang affiliation, the source said, but it doesn’t appear the hit stemmed from a “rival gang” as much as a personal “deal gone wrong.”

The suspect was not in custody as of Monday morning, the source said.

We’ll keep you updated once more information becomes available.

Update: The shooting was captured on nearby surveillance video.

The actual shooting is hard to make out, but you can see a victim collapse to the ground, and several people fleeing the area. It’s unclear if the gunman is one of those people running from the scene — but the footage makes it clear there were several witnesses to the shooting.

We also don’t know if the victim you see on the ground is definitely Nipsey, but you can see he’s wearing a white shirt like the one he was photographed in moments before the shooting.

Police have only described the shooter as a black male in his 20s, and say he escaped in a vehicle driven by a woman.

You can see the footage for yourself below.

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