Lamar Sally Is Still Talking About Sherri Shepherd, Says She Walked Out on His Baby


Lamar Sally is still on his conquest to make Sherri Shepherd look bad.

He sat down with Inside Edition and revealed that he and Sherri spent $100,000 on a surrogate for THEIR baby — even going as far as to say they picked a woman who looked like Sherri so that the baby would resemble her.

“Yes, she met her a couple of times,” he said. We even used a facial recognition program so we can pick a person that can sort of look like Sherri.”

He says that a few months later, Sherri got cold feet and backed out of their marriage,

“She says, ‘Sal, I don’t think I can be the wife and mother that you need and I think we should divorce.’”

The baby, Lamar Jr., arrived in August and as previously reported Sherri hasn’t seen it. He alleges she tried to offer him settlement money to leave her name off of the birth certificate — but he refused it.

“She offered me a settlement of $150,000 but it was not to have her name on the birth certificate. I can’t do that to my son,” said Sally.

He certainly has no problem calling Lamar Jr. HIS son as opposed to OUR son.

We just want to know why he’s so obsessed with making this a public campaign for support.

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