Laila Ali Called 'Fool' For Saying That COVID-19 'Was Created To Harm Humanity' In Anti-Vax Post [Photos]

Muhammad Ali’s daughter is facing some heat on Twitter after her post said people can, “trust their own immune systems with COVID-19”.

via: AceShowbiz

“People don’t seem to understand that just b/c some folks don’t wear masks, don’t want the shot, don’t listen to the media or live in fear…,” the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali wrote. “it doesn’t mean they don’t ‘believe’ the virus is real or think they can’t get it! They know it was created to harm humanity!”

She went on to note, “They simply choose to build up & trust their own immune system like they have been doing all their life. If they get it, they will deal with it!! It’s a God given choice. I know, this kind of faith is impossible for some to comprehend. But lean not on your own understanding.”

“Before you claim they are ‘putting others in danger,’ you should do your own research to learn if that’s actually true. You can’t change anyone but yourself, So YOU DO YOU!” so she concluded.

People, unsurprisingly, were not having her comments. “S**t like this is why the COVID vaccination rates are so low in the black community,” one person noted o Twitter. Another person commented, “There is a massive disconnect in having more ‘faith’ in your immune system to fight an incredibly infectious and for Black people disproportionately more deadly COVID-19 virus, than to fight the sniffles and a sore arm you might get from the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Not Laila Ali being pretty and dumb with that anti-vaccine statement disguised as a faith lesson,” someone else slammed Laila. “It’s people like Laila Ali that will post something reckless about Covid but her doctor will come see about her, you don’t have that luxury smh #lailaAli #COVIDIOTS,” another user wrote.

Calling Laila “a whole fool,” one person took aim at her, “i’m tired of famous black folk throwing around their ignorance about this virus and encourgaging other black folk to not trust science which leaves so many of us for dead!!! look around you! so we should trust boxers, actors, comedians? shut up!”

You can check out a few social media reactions below.

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