The Ladies Take Aim at Each Other During Problematic Cinco de Mayo Dinner on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Each episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ seems to be getting more explosive than the last.

via People:

On Sunday night’s episode of the hit Bravo series, the group took part in a Cinco de Mayo dinner following a day of excursions and a previous night of celebrations.

But tensions arose when Mary Cosby left the dinner to go inside to warm herself up. When Whitney Rose asked her to bring some blankets when she returned, Mary refused and continued on her way.

“Where is Mary going?” Jennie Nguyen asked, before Jen Shah told her about Mary’s decision to leave, as well as her refusal to get blankets.

As the group questioned Mary’s attitude, everyone except Meredith Marks agreed that Mary was being unfair and later addressed it when she returned to the table.Sitting back down, Mary was asked by Whitney, “Do you like Jennie?” Taking only a second to respond, Mary replied with a single, “No.”

As Mary and Jennie went back and forth with one another about Mary’s comment, Heather Gay got involved and pointed out how Jennie’s husband was part of the group that sent the ladies on their trip to Zion.

Mary, however, didn’t understand why Heather was mentioning Jennie’s husband. And even though Heather and Jennie clarified why he was brought into the conversation, Mary then attacked Heather for being single.

A confused Heather asked Mary why she would say that, which prompted Mary to respond: “Because I want to.”

Heather then fired back at Mary with her own words. “F— you, Mary Cosby,” she said. “Who’s your husband? It’s your step-grandaddy.”

Mary and Jennie then continued on with their fight once more, which Lisa Barlow commented on. Speaking directly to Meredith, Lisa implored her to call out Mary’s unruly behavior.

Jen, however, took issue with Lisa’s request and told Lisa that she should “be consistent” and do the same in their own friendship.

As Lisa and Jen traded barbs, Jen left the table to use the restroom, and the conversation steered back toward Mary, who then exchanged words with Lisa.

“Mary, you’re fake as f—. That’s what you are, you’re fake. You say you’re sorry all the time and then you do the same thing over again, it’s a cycle of abuse,” Lisa said, to which Mary responded by criticizing Lisa’s diet and telling her, “You’re in a lie. You live in a bubble. Your whole life is fake.”

Lisa responded: “Mary, let’s talk about what’s real. You are fake in everything you do, everything about you is fake. Your apologies are fake, your church is fake, the way your treat people is fake.”

As Lisa and Mary continued to feud, Jennie and Whitney became involved once more and called out Mary for the way she treats each member of the friend group poorly, except for Meredith.

With tempers soaring, Whitney then turned the conversation toward Meredith and questioned her about standing by Mary, but not Lisa, her “friend of 10 years.” As Meredith pled her case, Lisa removed herself from the table and headed back into the villa.

Whitney also questioned Meredith about a memorial she had for her father, which members of the group had previously speculated about. An angry Meredith told Whitney, “Do not even go here with me, it’s gonna go very ugly, very fast.”

Inside, meanwhile, an upset Lisa spoke to herself about her anger towards Meredith. “Meredith can go f— herself, I’m done with her,” she said, before she threw around accusations about Meredith, her family, her husband and her house.

Aside from the drama, the fact they had a Cinco de Mayo dinner and cosplayed as Mexicans is problematic in and of itself.

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