La La Anthony On Carmelo Anthony Divorce: 'That S**T Hit Me Really Hard' [Video] |

La La Anthony On Carmelo Anthony Divorce: ‘That S**T Hit Me Really Hard’ [Video]

La La Anthony has finally broken her silence on her divorce from Carmelo Anthony. Admitting that she didn’t expect her marriage would end, the former star of “Power” confessed that “that s**t hit me really hard.”

via: BET

During an interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez, the actress and television host explained why she kept it private for so long.

“It’s been years now since then,” she explained. “Like, to a lot of people it feels like this single thing is new like it’s been years now that we’ve separated. So I’ve dealt with the emotions behind it and I still have my moments but for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all, otherwise, I would be a basket case. I already went through that. I already went through that part.”

When Martinez asked if LaLa was in a bad place during the filing of her divorce, she nodded and replied: “I was bad because it was public. I was bad because there were other people involved. I was bad because there were allegations. It got bad.”

As to why she kept the divorce a secret for so long, Anthony says she didn’t want to put her business out there for the public to judge.

“You know, I’m not a person that ever puts my business on social media. I’ve never talked about it but you’re my friend and I’m comfortable,” she told Martinez. “But it’s like so many times you do want to say, ‘Oh you guys really wanna know what happened? You wanna hear it from me?’ But you hold it in and it’s like, ‘Oh La’s doing good and she looks good on the ‘Gram,’ But, it’s like Nah, that s***t really hit me hard.”

Watch the full interview segment below.

La La, who shares 14-year-old son Kiyan with Carmelo, filed for divorce from the NBA star in June after 11 years of marriage. Despite the separation, the exes remain friends.

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