Kristen Bell Is Convinced She's Witnessed a Murder in New Netflix Show 'The Woman in the House…' [Video]

Kristen Bell’s latest character has to convince her neighbors that while she might be a drunk, she’s not “crazy.”

via People:

In a new trailer for Netflix’s The Women in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, Anna (Bell) is convinced she’s witnessed a murder, but no one believes her. 

The trailer, which was released by Netflix on Tuesday, opens with Anna in an AA-type support group. “The truth is that I drink… a lot,” she says. “And sometimes I mix it with pills. And I’m here because I woke up this morning convinced I’d witnessed a murder.” 

It quickly becomes obvious that the series is a dark comedy, which parodies thriller films like Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and, not surprisingly, The Woman in the Window. It’s slated to be a delicate balance between actual thriller content and witty remarks on the genre and the odd position Anna finds herself in. 

While Anna believes she’s witnessed a gory murder just across the street, it’s soon revealed that no one believes Anna based on her consumption habits. With so much doubt, it’s even hard to believe herself. 

Between a 911 call, speaking to neighbors and generally sharing concerns about the apparent murder, Anna is told she’s “crazy” by nearly everyone she meets.

“You know, I used to feel bad for you, but I do not feel bad for you anymore, and I will not pray for you anymore,” one acquaintance named Carol says in a heated exchange with Anna. 

So, what comes next when an entire community doubts her sanity? Anna will take the detective work into her own hands. “I just want things to get back to normal,” she says while getting pedicures with a friend. The friend purses her lips. “I bet they do a Dateline on it,” she responds.

The comedic moments, like Anna’s exchanges with friends, are balanced with a more serious tone at the end of the trailer. Anna collapses in the street while holding a casserole, gets interrogated and fingerprinted at the police station, and crawls on the concrete in the pouring rain. There are also two potentially-fatal scenes, one where a person jumps or fall off a lighthouse, and another in which someone gets run over by a car. 

“Every murder has a witness,” the trailer reads.

‘The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window’ will premiere on Jan. 28. Hopefully the film isn’t as nearly as cumbersome as its title.

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