Kris Jenner Talks Plans to Reveal Baby North West on Her Talk Show [Video]

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On Monday’s TODAY Show, Matt Lauer asked Kris Jenner the question we’ve all been waiting for.

Will baby North West make her debut on Kris Jenner’s daytime talk show, Kris? 

“I think that we show so much of our lives on TV anyway that it’s just you are going to see other side to all of us, including the kids who will be on from time to time,” she told Lauer, warming up to the big question.

Not to be outsmarted by Jenner, Lauer pressed on:

“You‘ve got a tool at your disposal and I want to know right now if you are going to use it. Are there plans in the first week of this show to reveal either photos of the new granddaughter North or perhaps a walk on from Kim, Kanye and North?”

Kris retorted:

“Well while that’s ambitious, that would be fun,” she told Lauer. “I think you’re just going to have to wait and see and tune in because I’m not sure exactly what’ s going to happen.”

Still not satisfied with her answer, Lauer continued:

“Would you tell me right now that it will not happen, that you will not be showing the first-time baby photos of North on the first week of your show,” he asked.

“I won’t tell you it won’t happen,” Jenner admitted. “Give you a little something to think about. You never know who is going to show up.”

Kris is going to need all the ratings help she can get. With her show, Kris, being in limited run on FOX this summer, it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not it returns for a full run this fall.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

It’s syndicated television’s version of a test marriage, and there is no shortage of contenders willing to say “I do.” But the Fox Television Station Group is highly selective when choosing a show for the long haul.
Since 2008, Fox has been the only station group with outlets in the biggest U.S. TV markets to give wanna-be first run syndicated talk, lifestyle and entertainment shows a test run in their on-air “inclubator” before making a commitment for at least one to three years.
And this summer Fox is doing it twice for the first time, with The Real and Kris premiering Monday, July 15 in select markets.

Watch Kris & Matt talk it up below!

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