Kodak Black Announces He’s Got Another Kid on the Way: ‘I Was a Lil Upset When That Pink Smoke Came Out’ [Photo]

In a post shared on his Instagram, Kodak Black announced that he’s got another child on the way but wrote that he “was a lil upset” by the news he learned at the gender reveal party.

via: AceShowbiz

The 24-year-old emcee recently took to Instagram to share some pictures of him and his baby mama at a party. He began his caption by writing, “My BM So Pretty. I Wore Blue & Pink To Be Neutral About Everything Even Tho I Wanted A Boy Kuz I Just Had a Daughter In January I Was A Lil Upset When That Pink Smoke Came Out But It Is What It Is I Know We’ll Produce A Beautiful Healthy Baby !!!”

“To Be Honest I Was Suppose To Have Two Daughters Anyways For My Legacy !!! King , Queen , Princess & Prince,” the Florida native continued. “The Next One Gone Be A Boy tho. NO MATTER WHAT I WOULD FOREVER LOVE ALL MY KIDS THE SAME.”

Prior to this, Kodak announced that he would only make Daijanae his girlfriend if their baby is a boy. “I told her last night, if it’s a boy, I’ma be your boyfriend. If it’s a girl, I’m just gonna be your baby daddy,” he stated in an interview with “The Breakfast Club”.

Kodak’s remarks, however, brought him under fire. Among those who criticized the “Wake Up in the Sky” rapper was Claudia Jordan. Claiming that she hates him, Claudia asked, “Does he not know the sex of the baby comes from the daddies sperm?”

Also weighing in on the matter was Wack 100. The manager of Blueface commented, “Nef tripping !”

Kodak just welcomed a baby girl with Maranda Johnson back in January. When announcing the baby’s arrival, he said in an Instagram video, “Since I was 14 … I wasn’t never able to catch a whole year out on the streets… To stay out celebrating a year of freedom, caught that b***h. Instead of being in and out of juvie, detention center program, gotdamn county jail, prison, s**t like that … I see everybody doing the 10-year challenge so this is a big accomplishment for me.”

“It’s very weird, like the s**t weird being able to celebrate being home a year,” he added. “But everybody got different journeys, different testimonies and s**t. I’m a work in progress every day, striving to be a better man, better father, better son, better brother.”

On Friday, Kodak delivered his first project of 2022 with Back for Everything, which features a lone feature from Lil Durk. The Florida rapper might’ve been shot earlier this month, but he’s not letting it get in the way of his music career.

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