‘Kimmel’ Sketch Sees Sacha Baron Cohen Busted for Selling Vaccine to Celebs Including Kanye and Tom Cruise [Video]

Sacha Baron Cohen stopped by Kimmel following his wins at Sunday’s Golden Globes, and he used his interview to effortlessly launch into a hilarious sketch.

via: New York Post

Days after Sacha Baron Cohen confirmed the end of “Borat,” it appears that the British comedian has found lucrative work elsewhere — peddling COVID-19 vaccines to celebs.

In a sketch during Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Cohen was interrupted by what appeared to be a burner cellphone ringing while answering the question, “Was it fun to play Borat?”

Trailing off his serious statement on the political impact of Borat, Cohen excuses himself to answer his phone — bearing a number he seems to recognize. He greets the caller, named Bono.

“Yep, I’ve got AstraZeneca; got some Pfizer. What do you want?” he asks the caller while rifling through a mini-fridge in the background, filled with oat milk and what appears to be hermetically sealed vaccines. “Yea, Venmo is fine,” he concludes the call.

“Did I hear you correctly? Was that Bono?” Kimmel asks, to which Cohen clarifies, “A different Bono: Chaz.”

The bit goes on to include calls from “Tom Cruise” — initially mistaken for Tom Hanks and Tom Holland — Kanye West and Wesley Snipes.

“I don’t mean to pry, but are you selling vaccines?” the late-night host asks.

“Stay out of this, Kimmel,” Cohen responds. “Look after that pretty face of yours. There’s no vaccine for broken legs.”

Later, actor Isla Fisher, Cohen’s wife, enters the frame looking particularly disheveled — strung out, you might say — with a wad of cash. “Honey, honey, Ruffalo’s outside. Here’s the cash,” she says, then orders “two Pfizers, a Moderna, and an Oatly” for “Mark Ruffalo.”

Noticing her unkempt demeanor, Cohen asks Fisher, “Have you been drinking any vaccines?”

After some pressing, she confesses with a heavy sigh, “I’ve had 15.”

Kimmel later suggest that the critically acclaimed satirist should be more focused on the Academy Awards than hawking vaccines.

“This is my Oscar campaign,” Cohen barks. “Jimmy, [I’ll] put it this way: None of the Hollywood Foreign Press is getting COVID-19 anytime soon.”

True to Cohen’s satire roots, the bit actually touches on a very real issue amidst the coronavirus vaccine rollout: vaccine elitism. As various pharmaceutical brands continue to debut their version of the COVID-19 antidote, a certain one-upmanship has emerged that is dangerously undermining the effort to get all Americans vaccinated.

When it comes to the vaccine for yourself, do your own research. Don’t just go based on what you heard, or read on Facebook.

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