Kim Zolciak Launches a 'Spiritual Academy' to Help Others 'Manifest Dreams' -- for $77 a Month [Video] |

Kim Zolciak Launches a ‘Spiritual Academy’ to Help Others ‘Manifest Dreams’ — for $77 a Month [Video]

Would you trust Kim Zolciak to lead you on your spiritual journey?

Well, now that ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ has been canceled Kim needs more money has some free time and has decided to launch a ‘Spiritual Academy’ to help people who are ‘passionate about living their best life.’

via Page Six:

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, 43, made the announcement on her InstagramThursday, sharing that she will charge clients $77 a month for this “private members-only” community.

“We want people that are truly passionate about improving their life, whether it’s with their business or love life, their children, etc,” she said in a video clip.

Zolciak is partnering with Nicole Zeola, who says on her website that she works as a healer and guides people “in the process of transforming their lives.”

Zolciak said in her caption that their “Spiritual Academy” is “for anyone who wants to increase their vibration and manifest their desires,” adding, “@nicolezeolalove and I are so passionate about this and want to help people that are ready to step into more of their power.”

The ex-“Don’t Be Tardy” star began to share some of her tips in the post, writing, “I don’t know if you are aware but you align with whatever your dominant vibrations are. We want all of you to vibrate on the same frequency as success, happiness, and abundance and we are here to help you get there.”

Zolciak and Zeola are hosting a livestream for members on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

The former reality star, whose Bravo show with her family was canceled in May after eight seasons, was criticized by some followers, calling the project a “scam.”

“I really hope no one gives her any money,” one person wrote. “If someone really needs spiritual advice please seek a professional!”

Another chimed in, “SCAM!!! Nothing spiritual about Kim,” and a third wrote, “
I think she hurting for money ? ? ?.”

However, other fans wrote that they believe that Zolciak could help them and were “excited” to join, even quoting one of her famous “Housewives” taglines.

“I am so on board!” one person said. “Your ask, believe and receive is something my husband and I live by to! Thank you.”

Zolciak’s chef Tracy Bloom, who appeared on “Don’t Be Tardy,” claimed the academy is “no joke.”

“Sign up. It works,” she urged Zolciak’s followers. “It worked for me and I can’t wait till Sunday. Truly life changing.”

Watch Kim’s announcement below.

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