Kim Zolciak Flaunts Her Tummy Tuck: 'A plastic surgeon is NOT the cure all!' [Photos]


Kim Zolciak’s made no secret about undergoing a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck this year, but just to remind people of how great her body was BEFORE the surgeries the former Real Housewife of Atlanta took to Instagram.

She posted the above photo along with the caption: ‘Just so you guys are aware of how fabulous I was before my tummy tuck! This picture on the left was taken a few months after I had the twins and before surgery! A plastic surgeon is NOT the cure all!

She continued:

‘I had a hernia I needed repaired as well as my muscles so don’t get it twisted for you lazy asses that sit on the couch And think I look this good from a surgeon you are now set straight! enjoy!!

It definitely doesn’t look like she had six kids — but then again, that’s what she paid for! Go ‘head, Kim!


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